Mindfully, gently, slowly, smoothly, Reversibly… It must be easy!

How to do the lessons and how does it work?

Feeling movement in fine detail….  This can lead to developing some of the most valuable skills available to you.

It works by increasing awareness, of the self and the nature of the organisation and motivation of action. 

Respectfully listening to our own functioning sets the framework for refinement and regeneration, nurturing and healing.

You may not need someone to “fix” you. You might just need to learn how to improve the use of yourself. You can do this by taking advantage of the feedback systems within your nervous system. This is what our lessons are designed to help you accomplish.

Obviously ignoring the feedback from our nervous system can have disastrous consequences! Apart from injury and pain, a lack of awareness renders us victims of our own bad choices and potentially losing our independence. Using oneself badly and using therapy to remove the consequences can be a recipe for disaster. Although our focus is on education and re-education, learning these  refined movement patterns can be marvellously therapeutic.

For the lessons to be effective they must be done mindfully, gently, slowly, smoothly, and in a reversible manner. Common aspects to all of these attributes are sensing, feeling, awareness, mindfulness. It doesn’t take much imagination to appreciate these are all aspects of the nervous system, brain and consciousness.

We work with the presupposition that we are responsible for, and author of, our own actions and therefore how we feel is largely based on how we choose to act, how we use ourselves.

In the majority of cases, pain and discomfort are associated with muscle groups that are too tight or even in spasm. Developing strategies to reduce the resting tonus (tightness & spasm) with refined movement patterns that can be incorporated into daily activity is one of the ultimate objectives. The acquisition of skill like this tends to improve everything including the personality.

Awareness by definition is specific.

Awareness of self = self respect.

Would you like to test out these ideas simply?  

  • Relief for an aching tired back
  • Rolling on the back paying attention to the movement in fine detail
  • Lie on your back for a few minutes before and after to notice what changes. Don’t hold your breath..:)This has been effective for tens of thousands of people-
  • (Waiver:)If pain persists see a doctor.


Simple fast relief to the sore back >Lie on the floor, knees wide apart, hang on to knees just below knee caps (the part you kneel on),feet off the ground, lift the head & shoulders as to look at the horizon or as high as comfortable and gently-slowly roll right and left. You can vary the amount of work being done by the arms or abdomen. Stay balanced and in control so you can change direction or pause at any time throughout the movement. The movement can be very small and always slow. This can alter the protagonist antagonist relationship throughout the trunk while massaging the sore muscles from the inside out with your own body weight while safely supporting the lower back on the floor. I really hope it works for you 🙂