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Thoracic mobility & function 

Feldenkrais workshop for July 12th 2014 and it’s the only one I strongly suggest you attend!! If you regularly attend my classes you are probably aware of the importance of the function of the thoracic area. If the thoracic spine area does not contribute to your movement in general, your lower back and neck will have to compensate by overworking and becoming uncomfortable or painful and the culprit (thoracic spine) remains outside awareness quietly lowering our quality of living and skeletal health.

 info@feldenkrais.com.au to book a place :)


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Breathing Pelvic Literacy Shoulders
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Breathing involves over 104 joints and 60 muscles.Breathing evolved as we subjected ourselves to the full force of gravity and atmospheric pressure. The pelvis has the potential to move in an infinite number of planes. It is connected to all the largest, most powerful muscles in the body.The pelvis is central to all movement. The thoracic, cervical spine and the shoulder girdle are used in our culture firstly for emotional expression and secondly for physical function.This is probably one reason lower backs complain from overuse.
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