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Sat Jan 16th Feldenkrais Workshop 
Developing the sense of your skeleton
Happy New Year – Sensing your skeleton in 2016


Your skeleton is very alive and will give you unconditional effortless support for your entire life.


Sensing the skeleton is sensing your structural integrity, It’s feeling grounded.

Sensing the skeleton is the feeling of confidence, lightness & strength.
The skeleton is a wonderful place to start when investigating awareness. We consciously control bones to a much higher degree than we consciously control the neuromuscular component.
Developing a sense of the skeleton is rare, rewarding & valuable.
Most people never take advantage of the marvelous outcomes that getting a clearer sense of the skeleton can bring. Bones effortlessly bear weight and transmit force.
The vast majority of Feldenkrais lessons can be perceived primarily from a skeletal point of view and yield wonderful & tangible results.
Posture that is not skeletally based is just hard work!
This workshop will run from 11am – 4pm
The cost is $120 payable on the day.
Payable on the day, cards & bitcoin is good.
Nature gave us this gift, it’s rude not to use it!

 info@feldenkrais.com.au to book a place :)


Why Do It

Breathing Pelvic Literacy Shoulders
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Breathing involves over 104 joints and 60 muscles.Breathing evolved as we subjected ourselves to the full force of gravity and atmospheric pressure. The pelvis has the potential to move in an infinite number of planes. It is connected to all the largest, most powerful muscles in the body.The pelvis is central to all movement. The thoracic, cervical spine and the shoulder girdle are used in our culture firstly for emotional expression and secondly for physical function.This is probably one reason lower backs complain from overuse.
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