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Sunday July 5th 5pm-7:30pm Hip Joint Function

Hip joint function flexibility and Ease of Movement

This short workshop is going to be about gentle and passive movement strategies to achieve all of the outcomes below.

 We will improve the comfort and range of movement of the hip joints – not by “stretching and strengthening” – but by improving coordination and control, that is, making changes in the brain.

The muscles directly related to the hip joints are the largest in the body and have a profound effect on almost every aspect of human function and comfort.

Our culture of wheels, stairs and chairs, lets us get through most of our lives using only a fraction of what is possible. The diminished use and tight muscle fibres in this vital area also places strain directly on your knees and lower back. This reduces mobility, agility, balance and confidence.

The low level of function that is considered “normal” is not acceptable. 

 Last year in Australia, there were over 40,000 hip replacements.

 Spend an evening getting to know yours :)

 Awareness Through Movement = Neuro Plasticity.

 Hip Joint Function Flexibility –  July 5thSunday evening

Payable on the day, cash, cards or bitcoin.
Nature gave us this gift, it’s rude not to use it!

 info@feldenkrais.com.au to book a place :)


Why Do It

Breathing Pelvic Literacy Shoulders
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Breathing involves over 104 joints and 60 muscles.Breathing evolved as we subjected ourselves to the full force of gravity and atmospheric pressure. The pelvis has the potential to move in an infinite number of planes. It is connected to all the largest, most powerful muscles in the body.The pelvis is central to all movement. The thoracic, cervical spine and the shoulder girdle are used in our culture firstly for emotional expression and secondly for physical function.This is probably one reason lower backs complain from overuse.
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