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Saturday 13/09/2014 11am-4pm.

In this full day workshop (13 Sept) we are going to investigate walking as a therapeutic process, that is, walking to relieve aches and pains.
Easy gentle explorations of some of the components of walking will be investigated while comfortably lying on the floor as well as in standing.
The bio mechanics of good, easy walking generally puts less strain on joints, ligaments and muscles.  Do you know how your knees track? How does your neck respond? What would you like to refine?
As it will be a small group you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about improving what you are interested in regarding gait.
These questions can be addressed when we enrich our awareness in the processes of walking by becoming familiar with some of the small details involved.
The whole self is involved in walking and can be used not only for transport and exercise but also as a powerful bodily alignment process which is empowering in its own right.
We will explore harnessing the rhythm and flow of a nice easy gait to alleviate tightness and tension.
$120.00 payable on the day, cash cards bitcoin.
Nature gave us this gift, it’s rude not to use it!

 info@feldenkrais.com.au to book a place :)


Breathing Pelvic Literacy Shoulders
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Breathing involves over 104 joints and 60 muscles.Breathing evolved as we subjected ourselves to the full force of gravity and atmospheric pressure. The pelvis has the potential to move in an infinite number of planes. It is connected to all the largest, most powerful muscles in the body.The pelvis is central to all movement. The thoracic, cervical spine and the shoulder girdle are used in our culture firstly for emotional expression and secondly for physical function.This is probably one reason lower backs complain from overuse.
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